Sunday, 24 March 2019

The Inverted Fountain

White foam plumes
Over rocks where the parrot beak
Octopus beak
Smacks and sucks on each spouting burst
Where spiny pufferfish dart
And change their shape in alarm

A jewelled chicken’s foot clenches
Clasping nothing
In its final descent
Beneath the broad-banded waves
In a static rippling line
Unmoving before the whirling gale

Seaweed blanches and wilts
Purple wrack turns ghostly
Shrinking away from the dwindling rocks
As the night sea, turning tide,
Rolls away into the dark
And all the earth sinks back below.

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

The Swallower of Myriads

I am a dawn god.

Net-Unnut stands in a cascade of slats
A rainbow of dull shadows
The Four Blazing Flames
Of charcoal and ash

Ears arched into the soughing and silence
Listen for the burning of cornfields

A spindled arm stretches out
Like a sceptre from the Bark of Night
Reaches for the light-switch
Of electrified frost
That has burnt the green hedges grey
That has bleached the grey fields green
That has turned him into a drawing
Made decades before.

Its breath is fire.

I have reached the horizon as a great falcon
I have overcome my impediment in the horizon
I have saved myself from the slayers
The plumes tremble
As I am stablished on your head
The Lady of the Hour.

A silver eye slides down the black hill
That does not loom over your landscape
The uraeus makes firm your head
As eyes exchange the watery abyss
Where we are not sitting silently one last time.

I regard myself as a dawn god.

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Sade Vectensis

... the wight shall bugger-fuck us both ...
[found phrase, Juliette]