Sunday, 8 May 2016

Road And Destination Unknown

The ill-made man
Is a cavalier
Of evil facts

The steel-toothed speaker
His black/white grille mouth
Its chart of pulls
Its handguide twinkling
In the silent score

Riot and drama unstated
He breathes twice
Through a fingerprint on the hinges of his lungs
And creaks
Reverently awakening dreamed usurpation.

Robins and doves uneasy
In the netting garden of smoke
Soaked reeds rusting gently

Roaring after dreams upset
The ill-fated
Rumbles with a sound that cannot be heard

Overtones in the corner of the lips
A rattling boom deep in the gut
Deep in the muted throats
Deep in the needled eye

Ripples against desiccated uplift
All mouths fill with shaking,
Unvoiced waiting vibrations,
The still man becomes another.

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